2017 New Year’s Resolutions

The Trump Administration of our future makes me want to aim low. Maybe if I can just survive this year and the following three, that’s good enough. Can ‘Not Die of Depression’ qualify as a New Year’s Resolution?

Some background for those of you who’ve known me fewer than 12 months–I take resolutions seriously. I work on them all year. But 2016 is a bad example. Every year I make three resolutions and I hit all of them in some way or another. This year I didn’t quite get it done. Here they were:

  1. Write something other than poetry or blogs

  2. Submit work to be published [by someone else]

  3. Sing karaoke

I only did #3, and I waited until December to do it. Some people I’ve talked to about this have argued that in some way I did #s 1 and 2 because I have technically written stuff for work, written articles, etc. But that’s not what I meant when I wrote that resolution. I wanted to write creative nonfiction or fiction or SOMETHING like a play or whatever–some creative piece of writing that was outside of my comfort zone. I wrote little drafts of very brief dialogue but I don’t really think that counts. I didn’t spend a good enough amount of time on this one.

For the publishing one, I published my OWN work, and some may argue that’s maybe even cooler than submitting my work to someone else. I am compelled to agree with that, but I think part of why I keep self-publishing is that I’m afraid of rejection, and I wanted to address that; I didn’t.

I think part of why #s 1 and 2 were unsuccessful is that I didn’t really think they were that important to me. In fact, when people asked me about my resolutions, I often couldn’t remember what one or the other was. I could remember karaoke, and consequently that was the only one I did.

Here are some things that happened to me in 2016. For a lot of people, this was a hard year, and I agree. But also some really tremendous and wonderful changes happened to me too:

  1. Got a new, better, delightful, income-stabilizing job

  2. Met and developed a relationship with my brilliant and beautiful girlfriend

  3. Got the truck of my dreams 🙂

  4. Came out of my shell a little bit

  5. Learned to cook

  6. Overcame some trauma and anxiety things

  7. Survived my own mind countless times

  8. Bowled my best score ever

  9. Made a top surgery consultation appointment, canceled it, scheduled a new one

  10. Went to a dog wedding

  11. Got better about taking my T consistently (and my other meds too)

  12. Grew a few more beard hairs

For my 2017 resolutions, I’ve had a hard time thinking about what I want to do. The challenge of course is to address something I’ve been avoiding or push myself to grow or invite new experiences into my life. I also want to pick something I have the means to accomplish (so setting the New Year’s resolution of traveling to London when I made an income less than the poverty line would have been a waste of time) and that I have a genuine drive to accomplish. So if I truly don’t want to write anything other than poems (perhaps something I learned this year), then why should I push myself to write fiction? I’m only 24–I have plenty of time to push myself to do that.

Here are three things I want to do this year:

  1. Get top surgery (omg)

  2. Give my savings account a comma

  3. Write thank you notes, not suicide notes

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