My resume, my resuming

The first blog I ever had was a LiveJournal. God bless America.

I used it with the sole purpose of communicating with someone I was in love with. I was 13 years old. I would tell you the handle I used to go by, but I just did a quick Google check and I will literally never tell you that username.

Reflecting more than ten years later, I have blogged in some form or capacity this entire time. Lately for me it’s been for work, which doesn’t sound all that exciting, but to me, it still counts. I’ve often had two blogs running simultaneously, including a tumblr–another side of me I hope you never see.

I’m about to turn 24, and I’m realizing that for as long as I’ve known that writing is something I can do, a tool I can use to distinguish what is cool and what is fucked up, I have executed a blog. They’ve had varying degrees of privacy, and some have had sharp directions¬†and some super disorganized claims at false expertise. (When a post you wrote about politics in 2012 continues to haunt you every day, you know you’ve broken something in your mind).

My history with blogging has been turbulent at best. I’ve been forced to come out as queer to people because of the public diary-writing I do on the internet, and I’ve deeply offended people unintentionally. I’ve jeopardized relationships and embarrassed myself. It’s been pretty awful tbh.

And yet, I’ve missed it.

I missed processing things with you, so I made this new iteration. My other blogs have run their course and I’m ready for something new. I don’t think I can turn my back on more than a decade’s worth of processing experience.

As things develop, I will share them with you.

Thank you for being a part of this.

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